[PDF] The Untimely Present: Idelber Avelar

[PDF] The Work of Art In the Mechanical Age of Reproduction: Walter Bejamin

[PDF] Brecht on Theater: John Willett

[PDF] Radical Street Performance: Jan Cohen-Cruz

[PDF] Fotografía: Francisco Copello 01

[PDF] Fotografía: Francisco Copello 02

[PDF] Descato: Rosenfeld

[PDF] Critical Passions: Jean Franco

[PDF] On-Line Simulations/Real-Life Politics: Coco Fusco

[PDF] Disclaimer: Guillermo Gómez-Peña

[PDF] Art and Power: Eric Hosbawn

[PDF] Curiosity or Contempt:On Spectacle, the Human, and Activism: Baz Kershaw

[PDF] Digital Zapatistas: Jill Lane

[PDF] Manifiesto: Pedro Lemebel

[PDF] Cundua: Mapa Teatro

[PDF] Reverend Billy Preaching, Protest, and Postindustrial Flaˆnerie: Jill Lane

[PDF] Margenes e institucion: Nelly Richard 01

[PDF] Margenes e institucion: Nelly Richard 02

[PDF] The Rhetoric of the Body: Nelly Richard

[PDF] Superbarrio

[PDF] The DNA of Performance: Diana Taylor

[PDF] Enactments of Power: Ngugi wa Thiongo

[PDF] Art and Revolution: Leon Trotsky

[PDF] Complementary Approaches to Coexistence Work: Lesley Yalen and Cynthia Cohen