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This course is available for NYU credit to advanced undergraduate and graduate students at New York University, as part of the Department of Performance Studies Summer Session. If you are not an NYU student, see information about taking the course on a non-credit basis.

This course requires an application to the instructor. Access codes are required for registration. If interested, please submit an application, which includes:

1. Contact information, including email and phone, valid through the summer;

2. Your current degree program, if applicable, including field and level of study (Ph.D., M.A., or advanced undergraduate);

3. A one-page personal statement in which you discuss your interests in the program, and its relevance to your studies and/or training;

4. A summary of any prior educational or other travel experience;

5. Your level of Spanish (Spanish is desirable, but not required for participation).

Please email your application to Jason Beckerman, Administrative Director of Performance Studies, at by no later than Monday, May 22, 2006.

For further information, contact the Hemispheric Institute at

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