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Archive Development

Mission: The aim of the Institute archive is to provide an open resource for those scholars, artists and activists working on the relation between politics and performance in the Americas. We continually welcome new materials and additional resource links. The archive section of the website contains a small collection of texts, bibliographies, collected course syllabi, and web-ready video clips. It also contains web documentary-style projects created by students in the Hemispheric course. The archive serves as a web portal, a web page with numerous links to outside resources with specific categories dedicated for artists' resources, on-line journals, research links and links to websites maintained by theater groups, activists and artists throughout the Americas. We have edited many of these resource links by area, or country, and have a broad representation of varied performance practices and political activism in the hemisphere.

HIDVL New knowledge requires new archives, and the Hemispheric Institute is developing the first major archive on performance practices in the world—everything from aesthetic performances (dance, performance art, etc) to religious fiestas and rituals, to political performance (elections, demonstrations, etc). In partnership with NYU Libraries, and with support from the Mellon Foundation, the Institute is creating a permanent collection of performance materials searchable and viewable through our website. This project guarantees that these materials will be permanently cared for, made available, and preserved as the Hemispheric Institute Digital Video Library (HIDVL).

A second initiative of the archive has been the development of digital media teaching tools, web documentaries, we have named "web cuadernos".


The Archive invites contributions from artists and scholars. If you have materials that will enhance the collection, please contact us.

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