What are Forums?

The Hemispheric Institute identified a need to create on-line forums for interaction between participants and members of the Institute. The Institute's activities encompass a broad range of participants, from diverse backgrounds as artists, academics and activists interested in cultural and political life in the Americas. Most of the intellectual and social exchange between participants takes place at our Encuentros, 10-day intensive conference/festivals every two years. In order to keep the lines of communication and exchange open between Encuentros, we created three initial concepts: From Winter 2000 to Fall 2003, we had a quarterly Newsletter we distributed to our mailing list (see navigation on the left); since the Fall of 2004, we have been publishing e-misférica, our scholarly online journal; and we also have online forums for general discussions and questions, as well as Work Group forums for small groups of participants to maintain a year-long dialogue on topics of specific interest.

If you would like to begin and lead a Work Group, please contact us.

New Forums!
Our new and improved discussion forums are now available! The new format features an improved user interface, easy access to all of our online discussions, multiple language support, new message notification, support for image and file attachments and more!

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