Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics: Seminar



Brazil 2005: Performing Heritage


USA 2003: Spectacles of Religiosities





The Hemispheric Institute Encuentro is an intensive exploration of the relation between performance and politics in the Americas, featuring lectures, performance workshops, participant round tables, work groups, performances, video screenings, and installations. The Encuentro seeks to bring together students, scholars, artists, and activists to develop models of intellectual and artistic inquiry that are specially suited to the study of social and political formations in the Americas. It explores the potential offered by the emerging interdisciplinary field of Performance Studies to provide new means through which to understand the relation between expressive culture (broadly construed as performance) and political movements, identities, and social norms. The Encuentro curriculum draws on the combined expertise of leading scholars and artists trained in performance and cultural studies from throughout the Americas. Participants are encouraged to develop and present their work as part of the Encuentro.