14 - 23. 06. 2001
Monterrey - México

Second Annual Encuentro
Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics




Spanish / Portugese


Encuentro Schedule

The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics held its second annual Encuentro in Monterrey, Mexico from June 14-June 23, 2001. Participants were artists, intellectuals, students and activists from distinct parts of the Americas. The select and culturally diverse group was able to continue the exploration of the shared experience of the Americas under an inter-disciplinary lens, focusing on the relationship between performance and politics, and the many definitions and possibilities of the conjuncture of the two. The seminar was organized into morning workshop sessions, mini-seminars and round-table discussions in the afternoons, and three sessions of evening performances, often lasting until well after mid-night. At the end of the seminar, the last three days were dedicated to an academic conference, where scholars presented their work in a series of panels. Some panel topics included: "Performance of Resistance", "Community Activism", "Gender and Sexuality", and "Popular Performance".

Our second annual encuentro had an exciting and dynamic exchange of ideas that we hope to continue to build upon during future encuentros in Lima, Peru (2002) and in Argentina (2003). We believe that our non-traditional conference format, which integrates both acedemic and practical scholarship in its workshops, mini-seminar/round table discussions and numerous performances, gives encuentro participants the unique opportunity to establish real connections and to construct relationships with others who work with and are inerested in these themes throughout the Americas.

We invite everyone interested to join us next summer in Lima, Peru in July 2002, for our third annual encuentro. We hope that everyone who participated in past encuentros will come together once again next summer to continue to explore and develop the ideas formulated at prior events. For a more in-depth look at the events in Mexico, please use the links that are located on the menu bar. For more information regarding next year's encuentro in Peru, please visit our Peru seminar section.