Nuno Ramos is a São Paulo-based visual artist, poet and film maker who has been active in the art scene since 1983. Through his work with and about animals—live and dead—Ramos explores the notion of species as a zone of transit between knowledge, bodies, politics and text. Our guest editors—Álvaro Fernández Bravo, Gabriel Giorgi and Fermín Rodríguez—have chosen a selection of works by Nuno Ramos that speak to the questions around the issue of species that this number of e-misférica delves into. The works included in this multimedio—Aranha (1991), Vai vai (2006), Bandeira branca (2008), Monólogo para um cachorro morto (2008), Fruto Estranho (2010)— also showcase the variety of media Ramos works in, the implications of which are discussed in the accompanying essay by Florencia Garramuño, “Especie, especificidad y pertenencia.”  This multimedio also features some of the first translations of Ramos’s literary work into English, texts written for AranhaVai vai and Monólogo para um cachorro morto.