Schedule of Events

The Program:
You will be working in a safe space for experimentation, so we encourage you take these months to make bold choices, to try things you’ve never tried before, to cross disciplinary boundaries, to take leaps—and if you fall flat on your face, get up and try again. The program is not necessarily about “success” (especially not “commercial” success), but about your creative process and growth as an artist activist ("artivist"?). Keep that in mind always. This is about you developing your voice, about exploring ways to strive for social change (however you define that) through your performance work.

The Requirements:
* The program requires active participation. Please let George know in advance if you will miss a session.
* There will be a series of additional events outside of class/workshop time that will be required.
* Please bring a journal and a pen to every session.
* Dress in comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely.

The Performance Studies Studio ("The Studio," as referenced below) is at:
Department of Performance Studies
Tisch School of the Arts, NYU
721 Broadway, 6th Floor
(corner of Waverly) — Need to show ID at the door.

The Hemispheric Institute is at:
20 Cooper Square, 5th Floor
(at 5th Street)—  Need to show ID at the door. 

Week by Week Schedule (subject to adjustments, check weekly for any possible changes)

EMERGENYC 2011 Schedule of Events 

Session 1 • Saturday, April 16th
Who We Are, Why We Are (Boal meets EMERGENYC)
10am-2pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George
*Hemi Staff will give a welcome at 10am

Session 2 • Saturday, April 23rd
The Political Is Personal
10am - 2pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George

Suggested: Thursday, April 28th, 6pm
Presentation/Discussion: "Consecuentes: Contemporary Performance Archives" by Lissette Olivares 
Hemispheric Institute, 20 Cooper Square

Session 3 • Saturday, April 30th 
Who Are Our Communities?
10am - 2pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George

Session 4 • Saturday, May 7th 
Solo Performance
10am - 2pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George

Session 5 • Saturday, May 14th
Activating Art-Making, Where Art and Communities Meet
10am-5pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George

Session 6 • Saturday, May 21st
Dressing/Undressing: The Political Body
10am - 5pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George
and Ricardo Gamboa (EMERGE '10) 

INTENSIVE WEEK (May 28th-June 5th):
**10 TO 5 PM DAILY 

Session 7 • Saturday, May 28th — AT THE STUDIO
10am-5pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George

Session 8 • Sunday, May 29th —AT THE STUDIO
10am-2pm: Writing for solo performance, workshop at the Studio, led by Peggy Shaw (Split Britches)
3pm-5pm: TBD 

Session 9 • Monday, May 30th —AT HEMI, 20 COOPER SQ 5TH FL
10am-12pm: Workshop at Hemi, led by George
1pm-5pm: Autobiographical Writing for Performance, led by poet and performer Pamela Sneed (bring writing materials)

Session 10 • Tuesday, May 31st —AT HEMI, 20 COOPER SQ 5TH FL
10am-12pm: Hemispheric Institute intro, led by Marlène Ramírez-Cancio
1pm-5pm: PerforWHAT? Teach-in on Performance Theory and Performance-based research, led by Hemi Founding Director Diana Taylor (click this link to hear the podcast of the lecture)

Session 11 • Wednesday, June 1st AT THE STUDIO
Fulana Workshop
 10am-5pm: Workshop, “Satire and Parody, or the Art of Flipping Things,” led by Fulana (at PS Studio, 721 Broadway 6th Fl)
***6pm - 9pm EMERGENYC PARTY —AT HEMI***

Session 12 • Thursday, June 2nd — AT HEMI, 20 COOPER SQ 5TH FL
10am-2pm: Workshop on Civil Disobedience and the work of ACT UP, led by Debra Levine
3-5pm: Talk with Reverend Billy and Savitri D (Church of Life After Shopping and Church of Earthalujah)

Session 13 • Friday, June 3rd —AT THE STUDIO
10am-2pm: Ensemble performance workshop with Steve Sapp and Mildred Ruiz from UNIVERSES
(quick lunch break, then) 3pm-5pm: Workshop by Aisha Jordan and Frantz Jerome (EMERGE '08; 2050 Legacy Ensemble)

Session 14 • Saturday, June 4th —AT THE STUDIO
Susana Cook workshop
10am-5pm:Workshop by performance artisSusana Cook(at PS Studio, 721 Broadway 6th Fl)

Session 15 • Sunday, June 5th —AT THE STUDIO
Patrícia Hoffbauer workshop
10am-2pm: Workshop by dancer Patrícia Hoffbauer (at PS Studio, 721 Broadway 6th Fl)


{End of Intensive Week.}

Session 16 • Saturday, June 11th
10am - 2pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by Tim Miller
Workshop at the Studio, led by Guillermo Gómez-Peña 

***Session 17 • SUNDAY, June 12th*** (Special Sunday session, full day!)
10am-12pm: OPEN TIME FOR DISCUSSION (TBD) —at the PS Studio
1pm - 5pm: 
Workshop at the Studio, led by Guillermo Gómez-Peña
7:30 pm: Gómez-Peña gets "canonized" as a saint at Reverend Billy's Church of Earthalujah
Theatre 80,
80 St Marks Place, NY NY
Tickets are $10, but no one will be turned away.You can watch LIVE from anywhere with live webstream.


Monday, June 13, 2011, 8pm @ La MaMa E.T.C.
ImagiNation: An evening with Guillermo Gómez-Peña with special performance by Susana Cook


Mexican performance artist, writer and director of the infamous La Pocha Nostra performance troupe, Gómez-Peña returns to New York to perform reinterpretations from his ever-evolving “living archive” as well as new works.

  • La MaMa E.T.C.
  • 74 East 4th Street, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10003
  • (between Second Ave. and the Bowery)
  • $15 General Admission
  • $10 Students / Seniors (with valid ID)




Session 18 • Saturday, June 18th
The Launch
10am - 2pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George

Session 19 • Saturday, June 25th
10am - 2pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George

FINAL PERFORMANCE • Monday, June 27th
: : loomingandlooneyingorhowtotakedownthemachine : :

La Mama Club (74 East 4th St), 7pm

Session 20: July 7th (at Hemi)
Where Do We Go from Here?
6pm - 7:30pm:  A conversation with Martha Wilson (Founding Director, Franklin Furnace), Marya Warshaw (Founding & Executive Director, Brooklyn Arts Exchange) and Craig Peterson (Director, Philly Live Arts/Fringe)