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Nano-Garage(s), Nano-Basements

Ricardo Dominguez and Amy Sara Carroll


In her introduction to Tactical Media, Rita Raley underscores the peculiar temporal ambitions of new media, its commitment to "'temporary consensual zones,'" the "Next Five Minutes." Her accompanying thesis: new media privileges disruption (the tactical) over revolution (the strategic), resulting in a "politics [that] are a metapolitics."1 "Nano-Garage(s)" works from the premise that poetic play (signifyin'), as low-fi interruption, has the potential to integrate the circuits, to (respectfully) challenge Raley's distinction. Presented in video format (the better to minimize one's carbon footprints!), "Nano-Garage(s)" generated a flurry of requests for both citations and contact information (folks ready and willing to operate as Ellisonian "thinker-tinkers."2 In the spirit of that fulsome suspension of disbelief, let the "persuasive gaming" refresh-and-reload:

By 2015, the first cheap rapid prototyping fabricator hardware flows into
the streets and quickly creates global networks of nano-Garage(s) that
make up the prototypical layers of future matter hacking tactics. All the usual
suspects start to push towards the development of an Open-matter(s) Group,
that sets the stage for the first true nano-fab engine technologies,
complete with uncooked nano-blocks. While the singularity of the dream
of A.I. does not coincide with the wide area distribution
of nano-fab engines, nano-Garage(s) around the world (especially in
the Southern Cone) rapidly take advantage of new methods of
lobal and horizontal production to shift away from the locked-down
economies of the past. In this volatile environment, a "science of the oppressed"
emerges paradoxically as a strategy for mapping the tactical advances being
sideloaded by the nano-Garage(s) movement(s) of post-Neoliberalism.


1 Rita Raley, Tactical Media (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2009) 30.

2 Recall: "In my hole in the basement there are exactly 1,369 lights. I've wired the entire ceiling, every inch of it. [...] Though invisible, I am in the great American tradition of tinkers. That makes me kin to Ford, Edison and Franklin. Call me, since I have a theory and a concept, a 'thinker-tinker'" (Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man [New York: Vintage, 1990 (1947)] 7).