Occupy Bull Action

Mary Notari | The Yes Lab
The Yes Lab was formed in 2010 by the activist duo, The Yes Men, to spread their unique brand of activism called "identity correction." By impersonating big-time criminals, we publicly embarrass them and draw media attention to important issues. We're a brain trust, think tank, and training hub for activists and NGOs interested in applying our unconventional tactics to their campaigns. Our projects are media-savvy and rely on humor and spectacle–with a dash of poor taste. The Yes Lab began our current residency at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics in September of 2011 only days before the first occupiers started inhabiting Zuccotti Park. In the following weeks, we brainstormed with occupiers, students, and local and international activists to come up with a series of media-genic actions to support the Occupy Wall Street movement. In early November, working with members of the Direct Action working group of OWS, we staged a corrida against the Charging Bull sculpture on Broadway at Bowling Green, complete with matador in full traje de luces. At the time, the sculpture had a 24-hour police guard stationed at it's head in order to protect it from... well, people like us. Apparently, the NYPD understood the power of iconic images as much as anybody. We wanted to mess with that. By luring the stationed police away with a couple of rodeo clowns, long enough for the matador to climb atop the police car, we were able stage our own iconic image, successfully hijacking the Wall Street brand.