Rocío Pichon-Rivière
Managing Editor e-misférica

Rocío Pichon-Rivière is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at New York University. She holds a BA in philosophy from the University of Buenos Aires, where she defended a thesis on Gilles Deleuze's readings of Kant, Bergson, and Foucault. Her research interests include modern and contemporary intellectual history, hemispheric feminisms, and skin studies. She is currently completing a dissertation on the intellectual history of Latin American women* and the gender-politics of knowledge production. The asterisk in "women" ––like the asterisk in trans*––indicates the insufficiency of the category of woman, a category that most of these authors problematized in their political theories. The last chapter, on the thought of Argentine writers Marlene Wayar and Naty Menstrual in the context of the contemporary transgender art scene in Buenos Aires, has evolved into an audiovisual archive of oral history and a long-length documentary film that is currently in post-production. She is a recipient of the Dean's Dissertation Writing Fellowship and the Penfield Fellowship.