Estadio Chile I

The Santiago Stock Exchange

On the exterior of the Santiago Stock Exchange I projected my name and a date: Lotty Rosenfeld / 1982. This projection cites Una herida americana, an intervention I performed in 1982 inside the Stock Exchange building at the height of the financial crisis of the neoliberal model implemented by the military regime, which resulted in massive public bailout of the banking system and related private companies. The original video installation intended a critique of the economic model, as did subsequent art actions in London's financial district (1996) and on Wall Street (2007). These three interventions are directly correlated with the current global crisis.

Simultaneously, on the perimeter of the Stock Exchange, I amplified the audio track used in my video installation El empeño latinoamericano (1998), in which I worked with "La Tía Rica," as the state-run pawnshop is popularly known.

The work is the functioning Stock Exchange itself, with its convulsive movements which alter each and every social space in an economically globalized society.