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Lista Completa de Trabajos de AICH

Lista Completa de Trabajos de AICH

Esta es una lista de trabajos de American Indian Community House, organizada por fecha. Para ver todas las trabajos de American Indian Community House en orden alfabético con enlaces a los materiales en nuestra colección, visite Trabajos.


Indian Summer 2006: Coatlicue Theater Company's Holding Up the Sky (excerpts)
Indian Summer 2006: Dawn Dumont
Indian Summer 2006: Spiderwoman Theater


Native American Artists/Scholars: Speaking for Ourselves in the 21st Century


Ulali in Concert


Dr. Robert Venables' Lecture on Indian Land Claims
Maurice Kenny: The People's Poetry Gathering


Coatlicue Theater Company's Chocomoztoc-Mimixcoa - Cloud Serpents
Indian Summer 2000: Speaking, Singing, Dancing in Beauty


Coatlicue Theater Company's Storytelling / Playwriting / Theater Workshops
Coatlicue Theater Company's Open Wounds, Coyolxauhqui, Traditional Kind of Woman, & Huipil (excerpts)
D'zul Dance Company & the Michael Taylor Dance Company: The Fifth Sun
Spiderwoman Theater's Winnetou's Snake Oil Show From Wigwam City


Amanda Old Crow's Gohmaaz
John Jaramillo & Sandra Hughes: Old Man Kokopelli
Sacha Huarmi


Native America: Spiderwoman Theater's Sun, Moon, and Feather (performance and cable network broadcast)
Doonooch Aboriginal Dancers
Hugh Danforth & Toni Tsatoke: Winter Stories (49ers Elder's Luncheon)
The Jones Benally Family: A Night of Navajo Dancing


Native America: SilverCloud Singers & Thunderbird American Indian Dancers (performance and cable network broadcast)
Native America
: Thunderbird American Indian Dancers & Indigenous
(performance and cable network broadcast)
Native America
: Ulali & The SilverCloud Singers (performance and cable network broadcast)
Indian Summer: 11th Annual Native American Actor's Showcase

Coatlicue Theater Company's Chocomoztoc-Mimixcoa - Cloud Serpents
(work-in-progress, 1996)
Coatlicue Theater Company's A Traditional Kind of Woman: Too Much, Not 'Nuff
High Steel and Corn Meal: Recounting an Era
- the Mohawk community in Brooklyn

Indian Summer 1996: Inti-Raymi - Festival of the Sun
Johnny Moses: Storytelling
Murielle Borst's More Than Feathers and Beads
Native Performance Art
Spiderwoman Theater's Daughters From The Stars: Nis Bundor
The AICH Variety Show


Chuka Lokoli Theater's In The Essence
Indian Summer 1995: Open Wounds Tlalteuctli and In the Spirit

Indian Summer 1995: Indian 101 & Ulali
Iroquois Social


American Indian Youth Theater Project's My Ugly Child
Isvael: Native American Fetishes (Fashion Show)
Rudy Martin: A Celebration of Life, 1951-1993


Coatlicue Theater Company's Moments in Tlalteuctli (work-in-progress)
Spiderwoman Theater's Hot 'N' Soft II
Nic Billey & Ben Geboe: Drum Lives
Spiderwoman Theater's Power Pipes
White Eagle and Pura Fe


Coatlicue Theater Company's Blood Speaks
Coatlicue Theater Company's Huipil
Louis Mofsie & Gloria Miguel perform Grandma, Grandpa, & The Card Game

Spiderwoman Theater's Hot 'N' Soft

Our Honor, Our Pride
Tim Hays & Paula Poulafearh in Concert


American Indian Community House Benefit
Rudy Martin's My Place
Ulali: Follow Your Heart's Desire
White Eagle in Concert


Friends of Pura Fe Benefit Concert
Off The Beaten Path: Skin, Stone, Positive
Spiderwoman Theater's Reverb-Ber-Ber-Rations


Annie Humphrey in Concert
Native American Visions


The Rudy Martin Show