Zena Bibler
program coordinator

zenabibler_130pxZena Bibler is currently Program Coordinator of Special Collections and of the Religion and Politics Project at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics and has been working with Hemi since 2008. Co-founder of The Movement Party and Fleet Moves Dance Festival with Katie Schetlick, she also works as an independent choreographer, performer, and curator. She is interested in improvisation structures and site-specific performance, using movement as a means of experiencing diverse environments—uncovering their histories, secret meanings, serendipities, and previously unimagined possibilities. Her dances have been shown at Movement Research @ Judson Church, Dixon Place, NADA Hudson, Gibney Dance Center, and Yale University, as well as at dance film festivals in the US and Latin America. Zena has also had the pleasure of teaching at places like CLASSCLASSCLASS, Shambhala Yoga & Dance, Yale University, and Wellfleet Preservation Hall. She holds an MA in Performance Studies from New York University with a focus on dance and site-specific composition, and a BA in History from Yale University where she received a Yedor Travel Prize and the Andrew D. White Prize for her thesis work on the changing political and cultural context of Argentine tango.