Domingo Giribaldi del Mar is a professional photographer with more than eighteen years of experience in the field of documentary photography and journalism. He has photographed many of the main developments in the country during the last two decades. His lens has captured the daily life of Lima's diverse sectors, from the political scene to street demonstrations. His photographs have been exhibited in various group shows and have been published in almost all of the local print media. In 1993, while Peru was experiencing one of the most violent phases of its history, he worked as photographer for Revista Sí, heading the team that investigated and discovered the case of La Cantuta. Convinced that the work of the Peruvian Team of Forensic Anthropology (EPAF) deserves all possible support and coverage, he joined the team when they went to several towns in Ayacucho to identify the clothing and personal belongings of the victims recovered from the mass grave at Putis. His photographs on Putis have been exhibited in Peru and the U.S. and were published in Si no vuelvo, búsquenme en Putis / If I Don't Come Back, Look For Me in Putis (Lima: EPAF, 2009).