January 1, 2012: Announcement: Yes Lab Action Groups at Hemispheric Institute

Yes Lab at NYU


The Yes Lab at the Hemispheric Institute will involve students, faculty, local activists, and the occasional government official in strategizing and accomplishing funny media-getting actions. Anyone is welcome to attend, though we're asking that you email us at and tell us about yourself, your interests, and your skills. Subsequent sessions (every Friday thereafter) will be open to those who commit to actively help carry out particular projects.

Yes Lab projects will focus on the problem of income disparity and the rich-poor divide, locally and globally. Participants will join “action groups” to come up with funny media actions around manifestations of income disparity; specific focuses will include immigrationcorporate tax cheats, military spending, and environmental injustice in Long Island City.

If you would like to propose an "action group" focus (that has something to do with income disparity), you'll need to (a) commit to put in a lot of work yourself, every Friday; (b) have an activist organization in mind to help guide the group; and (c) pre-establish contact with that organization before the first Friday, and if possible confirmation that they are interested in collaboration. Please write to us about it, and show up on the first Friday ready to present your focus.

Visit for all projects and current information.