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Another Kind of Love: A Performance of Prosthetic Politics
Debra Levine

Killing as Performance: Violence and the Shaping of Community
Verónica Zebadúa

The Noble Warrior was a Drag Queen
Kerry Swanson

Eréndira a caballo. Acoplamiento de cuerpos e historias en un relato de conquista y resistencia
Ana Cristina Ramirez

The Underskin of the Screen: Performing Embodiment in Through the Looking Glass
Cynthia Bodenhorst

A Critical Regionalism: The Allegorical Performative in Madre por un día
Amy Sara Carroll

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EDEMA/ Colaboratorio de Arte Público: Ritos de Sanación Social
Eduardo Flores Castillo

O que deve ser um corpo da era da cirurgia plástica?
Helena Vieira

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Through the Looking Glass
by Cris Bierrenbach

I don't belong here!

I am soooooooooooooo interested in iran and traditions and zaroastrianism.,...(archeology in general).i do care about my thoughts and my beliefs and i'm so into philosophy.i like to follow the fashion but not slavishly of course.and i'm so sentimental in some ways.

Your average run of the mill quirky high strung MBA student who's obsessed with boba, food, American Idol and USC football.

I'm asian. my left eye is smaller than my right. i meander through life in a world that exists only inside my head. i dislike driving - objects in the real world don't necessarily exist in my head-world. i live for the perfect comeback, not really caring which side of the conversation i'm on, or if i'm even on a side. i am perpetually escaping from people who talk without having anything to say. i appreciate good food, but I eat anything. i love a good, spicy bloody mary. i'm much like a bloody mary - few people bother trying me, even fewer go back for seconds. other than that, INTJ... heavy on the T.

Geek-of-all-trades: "trashy genre fiction", "serious" literature, music, theatre, comic books, computers, cooking, and more. I possess a license to wench, an unnatural affection for quotations, a ridiculously broad music collection (from which I make bizarre mixes), and one of the dorkiest tattoos in the world.

I'm pretty easy going and laid back. I love having fun. I like a good conversation amongst friends (drinks make it even more fun sometimes).

 More to come at a later time...

i luv my confused mind 'cuz this is fuckin' sick, it's like a horror movie. well, wich tragic badtrip are u living? c'mon, try to be coooool, bastard.

To know me is to love me..

I live my life to the max!


Mother, proffesional lawyer and amateur singer, italian living in Barcelona-Spain

Seduce my mind and .... Already seduced.....

Sweet as a kitten...Wild as a tiger...That's why you love me...

Redhead smiling softly through squinted eyes, wrinkled nose. Compassionate thoughtful loving just wanting to be loved back. A true friend who will never waver. Trustworthy and true, open and giving.

Will not be walked all over.

I'm a REAL girl. Real photos. Real thoughts. Real emotions. May not be perfect, but I am real.

Procrastinator at heart, librarian by trade.

TBHOG - Tough Broad with a Heart of Gold.

I'm the people my mother warned me about

I can be anyone. But, looking over my communities, I think I may be a geek. Oh and, by the way, I find this "women collecting" thing extremely annoying, so don't bother. If that is not your objective, I'm quite friendly. Send me a message and we'll talk. If you go to the website below, you can read three of my embarassing autobiographical essays. What else? I find no end of amusement to the line "expand the circumference of your social circle" on orkut's homepage. I am neither clever nor quick witted. Phffft, yeah right, I drink occasionaly. I'm also considering changing my age to 24.

I never loved you enough to trust you, We just met and I just FUCKED you!

Hard-drinking, chain smoking nurse ;)  Madly in love with my boyfriend :)

I am a musician, poet, dancer, dreamer, lover, and classic movie addict. I love all things wild, especially wild minds and hearts. I love mythopoetic rituals and anything on the ecstatic path.

Happy, sweet, redhead with green eyes. Little naughty at times, but don't get any ideas. heheh!

yet another network.. we r too greedy or what? =) we r everywhere, and it seems we cannot get enough of anything. :P i follow where my friends drag me, hopefully they dont find new treasures of networks. :P oh sorry i was supposed to say, Welcome to my Multiply page, hope u enjoy your stay n stuff.. sorry i forgot.. ;))

I've been called: snob, clown, princess. i dunno what i am for reals but i know im not fake

I am a little bug Come give me a hug ;)

due to the hype and the mushroom-like growing of new social networks, I have come to the point that I rather wait and observe before putting too much effort in creating an expressive account. I might change my mind if you borrow me your secretary to get all the work done that social networks cause, though. Anyhow, what's the point in all this virtual striptease roadshow. Bitter? No. Just lazy bitching.

Short, sassy, saucy, savvy

I am online when I should work. I work at home when I should be playing. I'm creative at the wrong moments.  You can find me smiling, when your back is turned. But I'm not laughing at you. I'm admiring your back!  .: End Transmission:

I have been told many things about myself recently...

Most importantly:

I'm unchaperonable

I'm the High Priestess of the Cult of Personal Desires

I should never be left unsupervised

Roadrunners like me

I have low standards, I'm low maintenance and apparently low priority

Come in, if you dare......

crazy/beautiful  Everybody loves me and I don't know why :

I am passionate about information retrieval and user interface design.

I'm the sweetest homicidal maniac you'll ever meet... and possibly the last

I am a simple person. On the other hand I am pretty much complicated.

hmmm..a LUNATIC :)) ...will drive u crazy if I want...and sometimes will even scratch u ....:)..dont get scared....I am a fun loving person..and I love making new friends... on a self-discovery mission,wen i ll figure out, will let ya knw

UPDATE:i dont blv in forgive n forget

UPDATE:single and NOT looking

Attention: I only communicate via the scrapbook // Underestimated from day one +++ Refugee from Kabul +++ 12 years on the run +++ finally made it to Berlin +++ Dancer +++ Singer (getting better and better) +++ Hoping to really settle down some day +++ Watch it! I am a slap in the face ...

Digital contents Producer,Science writer.

I changed my way from a model to a digital contents producer (1996-2004 at avex inc. in Japan),after I met with Mcluhan and the Internet.

Happy,always! I'm here to meet my old friends and make new ones, also businnes networking. I work as Finance Manager on an Educational Institution here in my city.

My humor is like a sinusoid.

I......'m ...(funny)!?

I 'm curious about everythings!

In fact , I'm a painter.

ckeck my album!

But unfamous.....

I love travelling(espscially India&Nepal!)!and

 I love

 music&dancing also!

i LOVE make lots of frinds

in orkut also!!!

I love all things wild: what is wild in nature as well as wild minds. I enjoy travel, both actual and spiritual, as well as Dionysian ecstatic events and mythopoetic rituals

I`m No05h!N`cUzZ I AM No05H!N ... Nothing elSe!

I blame "Silent Hill 4".

Living: with pets that party every night. Their friends visit often.

I can't believe they don't have that! ;-)

One cannot expose the true self everywhere, at anytime.

"I don't see myself as weird, I just see myself as honest.

 I´m an artist, graphic designer, singer and song writer. Passionate with the things I do.

I'm a wannabe writer living in a strange city engaged to be married to a crazy guy I met off the internet.


I think this sentence describes me the most :)

Sentences of my life:

Music is the answer for everything

Never give up

The power of your soul is in your eyes

Be always yourself

Appreciate what you have and enjoy every day of your life

 Choose your own road to follow

lazy.. mmm lazy .. and lazy

The whole world is about three drinks behind.

In the name of god, don't take me seriously!!!

..creative energy, great drive, and the fact that i never seem to let up...always pushing the envelope, going the limit - i know it is at the leading edge where all the real breaks occur...can have a million projects going at once... to some degree the victim of my own whims.


It is not worth asking for my IM accounts, because I will not give them. Have a look at my friends list and you will understand why.

I am a combination reconciling opposites, i.e. Linux and girls (no, I've never used Windows), looks and brains, etc. Don't be fooled by the look that I got, I'm still the nicest girl in the world! ;-)

I tend to be kind, open-minded, down-to-earth, sociable and considerate. I am a genuinely nice person.

 I can speak 5 languages (French, English, Dutch, Albanian and Spanish). They are my passion. I love learning new things, because knowledge is the most powerful weapon. I also have high aspirations in life. Currently, I am studying Germanic philology (philology is not philosophy!)at the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) in Belgium. That consists of the study of English and Dutch languages, literatures, linguistics and civilizations (among others). I am graduating this year and for the time being, I am working on my dissertation.

 Well, I love style and I am a fashion addict. I am fond of Italian and French designers such as Versace, Dolce&Gabbana, Dior, etc. I am always dressed to the latest fashion. Maybe I am too extravagant for some people but I like special clothes. I do not like to be dressed like other girls, I prefer others to copy me rather than be dressed like them. This is my philosophy ;-) So, if you judge me according to my clothes, you are wrong all the way long!

i am madness packed into five feet three inches of spontaneous fun.

Well ..... I am kind of person who likes to make use of every minute .spending most of my time studing ,and spending my free time doing the things I enjoy like reading and painting and .....

My favourite actress is jodie foster whose character is the one which I admire so much.

MY favourite pianists are BEETHOVEN and KULHAU.

and my favourite painters are MUNCH and EDGAR DEGAS .

In former lives I was a dotcom web developer, flute player, composer, improvisor, computer musician, IRC op, and worked with autistic children. I'm not doing any of these things at the moment.

So maybe Im not a bitch all the time..only when called for...which is a good thing ofcourse..

I am a very open and spontaneous person..yet very closed too..

I know, I dont make sense..but that is why Im a complex woman!

yes a WOMAN! not a girl! :P

 I love being with ppl..but I like to be myself. I dont like to flock, I like to hop around..

I love to cuddle..kiss and get real mushy...with the right person..but also with good friends. Probably cause I didnt get enough affection as a child. Mom was really busy..but Mom is the best and I love her dearly..

that good enough?

crazy cool balance of party girl, beach babe and stoner chick with a dash of intelligence for shits & giggles! I drink daily....I smoke daily....I do drugs on a regular basis....I eat red meat....I love having my picture taken.....I am a masochist....I love the way a machine shop smells....I am a huge flirt....I love to wear bong's name is Wanda....I shower with the door open....I live with 2 dudes and I love to walk around my apartment naked....My roommates love it more....I don't work out....I am a camping fool....I cuss too much....I love dashing down to mexico for the weekend and losing COMPLETE control....I tend to be a self proclaimed flake....I love talking bout sex....I am a damn good cook....I like to play dress up and go out in goofy ass costumes....I am a dork in the best of ways....I love the way you bite my ass....I love drunken bike rides....I love SundayFunday....I don't embarrass easily....I love to get spanked....I love to kiss girls....I can smoke you under the table....I love my cat - her name is AngelKittyMeowMeow and she is the sexiest little pussy around!

About me? Depend on the moment, always...Intensity, Passion, Creative, Alternative, Jet's all about me...

i only wear natural fabrics

Alegre, habladora y sincera.

just a random girl

able to beat an armoire into submission with my elbows with just a few sharp whacks

My heart and soul belong to my husband and daughter! I am totally dedicated to them! We love sightseeing, visiting museums and fishing off of our boat. I love reading suspense thrillers and murder mysteries. I am a shopaholic who loves to spend time with my friends. We enjoy going to the spa for a day of pampering! My husband and friends like to to call me The Princess - I don't know what that's all about ;-) Hee-Hee! 

I tend to be very wild and a little bit crazy!

 Tattoos = 7

I speak my mind!

I worry about insignificant things!

Life is too short not to live it to the fullest! I love to have fun!

My motto - Live, Love, Laugh!

I am an openminded, somewhat eccentric female who adores all things about most people. I consider myself a humanitarian. I love feisty unique women as friends, and love men to back and beyond- they are a seriously underrated species. My kids are my world, and my husband is top form.

 I am a self confessed flirt, but I am harmless. (guys and girls)

If I add you to my crush list, panic ye not. I am no stalker. It is merely my way of letting you know that I find you extraordinary. Appreciation begets euphoria.

crazy,sexy,cool..and smart :)

Maybe I am a little peculiar:)

Sociable,talkative,suspicious,temperamental,enthusiastic,merry, cantankerous,witty,person of consequence..

Soy según yo una chica que pasa desapercibida.. ¬¬U pero últimamente les ha dado por decir a la gente que soy "sombría" (-.-U aún no entiendo que quieren decir) y extraña ._.U.. que me gustan cosas raras y pienso raro también..

«I hate myself & I want to die»

No pain no gain.

Definitively this is not the better place for you to know about me.

An ordinary person.. extra passionate..

who can hold me tight,keep me warm,through the night?

who can wipe my tears,when it's wrong,make it right?

who can give me love,til i'm satisfied?

who's the one i need in my life?

I like to make new friends, sing, dance, phone in call, basktball, volleyball, ballet jazz, computer, linux, pets, smile, speak, swimming and giving advice.

I'm a freak of nature but kindest. Always with a smile in my face

i'm an 18 jear old model, earning most of my money as a nurse. i'm a punky-hippie-goth if you want boxes :) (this is the best i can do)

but most of all i'm myself a fun loving sad thinking girl

Heart is the engine of mY bodY

but Brain is the engine of mY life

i luv my confused mind 'cuz this is fuckin' sick, it's like a horror movie.

 well, wich tragic badtrip are u living? c'mon, try to be coooool, bastard.

I rent myself but I'm very expensive ::

Bitch and arrogant: yes, please!

Straight: yes, like Madonna

Like to tease: yes

Like to eat: yes (a lot)

Like mirrors: oh hey mama!

I spread my hands into the mirror

and all I find is this reflection,

a picture that glances

in a memento.

Just Crazy, so I believe...

"What you see is what you get!"

i wash myself with a rag on a stick.

Playfull, fun, energetic. Be a friend and you'll find out :-)

I believe in Angels,something good in everything I see..

Sometimes an angel sometimes a devil.. but always me! :)

Well, it's always kinda hard to talk 'bout ourselfs. To tell the truth I don't know what to say about's just like someone said "I was born, grew up, lived and here I am!". I'm very spontaneous, funny, sometimes I'm a little clumsy, but hey! at least I make people laugh! I think the thing people often notice in me is that I'm always smilling and try to keep a smile in the face no matter what. Well...I think there is nothing more to say...but I will update this profile when I remeber something better to say about me. Cya 'round!