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Another Kind of Love: A Performance of Prosthetic Politics
Debra Levine

Killing as Performance: Violence and the Shaping of Community
Verónica Zebadúa

The Noble Warrior was a Drag Queen
Kerry Swanson

Eréndira a caballo. Acoplamiento de cuerpos e historias en un relato de conquista y resistencia
Ana Cristina Ramirez

The Underskin of the Screen: Performing Embodiment in Through the Looking Glass
Cynthia Bodenhorst

A Critical Regionalism: The Allegorical Performative in Madre por un día
Amy Sara Carroll

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EDEMA/ Colaboratorio de Arte Público: Ritos de Sanación Social
Eduardo Flores Castillo

O que deve ser um corpo da era da cirurgia plástica?
Helena Vieira

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Boquita presents a day-in-the-life portrait of a transgender performer from
the Dominican Republic who resides in Jamaica Plain, MA. Originally shot in
16mm, it is a 10-minute exploration of Boquita in various facets of her life:
day job at an AIDS prevention center, night job at various gay clubs in
Massachusetts, and at home getting ready for a show or relaxing with friends.
Throughout the film we hear informal conversations about migrant queer
identities, conflicting relationships with the home country, and
inter-Caribbean relations. The short documentary is in Spanish with English