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The American Indian
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The American Indian Community House Collection represents over twenty-five years of entertainment presented by Native people in New York City. This community like most urban Indian communities is inter-tribal and therefore culturally diverse.  The Collection reflects the range of talent and creativity artists and performers have contributed to help it flourish. Art and entertainment have been the primary vehicles for the American Indian Community House to educate the public about Indians as well as the issues confronting them both on and off the reservation. Many have demonstrated their commitment to building this community by donating their time and talent, which has also contributed towards its cohesiveness and longevity. As a result the visual and performing arts have become distinguishing characteristics differentiating this community from almost all other Native communities.

The AICH Collection illustrates how performing and visual artists have incorporated in their works the social, political, and economic issues confronting Native people throughout the hemisphere both on and off the reservation.  The works by many of these artists alleviate the dichotomy between traditional and contemporary music and dance by demonstrating a cultural continuity, which diminishes the division between east west in Indian Country that separates urban and reservation communities.  The AICH collection reveals a culturally active Native community. 

As part of the Hemispheric Institute Digitize Video Library project, the AICH has partnered with the Hemispheric Institute and NYU Libraries to make the key performances of this important collection accessible to the general public for the first time.  The AICH HIDVL collection will be accessible on-line in the fall of 2007, and will offer DVD access from NYU’s Avery Fisher Center in Bobst Library. 

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Interview with Rosemary Richmond, AICH Director

HIDVL Call # HI2006.021_01   



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