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Performance and Mayan Identity on the Yucatan Peninsula
Tamara Underiner

Black Indians and Savage Christians
Sarah Jo Townsend

La historia de "Benetton contra los mapuches"
Claudia Briones & Ana Ramos

"Cistemaw iyiniw ohci," A Performance by Cheryl L'Hirondelle
Candice Hopkins

A identidade do Amazonas expressa no folclore do Boi-Bumbá
Erick Bessa Pinheiro

Short Articles / Artículos Breves / Artigos Curtos

Bolivia's Indians Confront Globalization
John Mohawk

South Dakota is the Mississippi of the North
Luke Warm Water

Excerpt from Powwow
George Horse Capture

Casino Nation
Terry Jones

Dana Claxton
Kristin Dowell

Op-Ed: Commercialism and Native Art

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Native Radio

Native radio is an area that has grown exponentially in recent history as it has proven to be an excellent means of transferring information among reservations and other tribal communities across the Americas.  Here are some examples of programs from various radio stations in the US and Canada.  The MP3 interviews are from an institutional program called Living Voices run out of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian.  Native America Calling is a program from the Koahnic Broadcast Corporation that is broadcast by public and tribal radio stations across the country.  The sample program available here is about subsistence farming on the Tohono O’odham reservation in Arizona. ThinkNDN consists of an hour of entertainment and news that is broadcast weekly to the Vancouver Aboriginal Community.  Enjoy the programs below and also check out their websites in our Links section. 

Living Voices
(These audio files are in MP3 format)

Midwives In Iroqouis Society (Spanish)
California Artist L Frank (English)
Alaska (English)
Hawaiian Land Issues (Spanish)
Identity and Religion (Spanish)
Apache Artist Bob Haozous (English)
Boarding Schools (Spanish)
Comanche Teacher Dorthy Lorentino (English)
Diego Guzman (English)
Activist Charlene Teters Mascot Issues (English)
Women's Leadership (Spanish)
Rosenda Dela Cruz (English)
Photography in Chiapas Theater (Spanish)

Native America Calling

Listen to TOCA Co-Director Terrol Dew Johnson discuss "Healthy Eating with Traditional Native Foods." Friday, July 16, 2004.


Co-op Radio

Radio Insurgentes- FZLN Chiapas

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