Situating Rights

The Grupo de Arte Callejero (GAC) has engaged in acts of urban intervention since the late 80s, dealing with issues of human rights. Together with H.I.J.O.S. (Hijos por la Identidad contra el Olvido y el Silencio, an organization formed by the children of the disappeared), GAC actively participates in the “escraches” (acts of public shaming) that expose the specific places where dictatorship has carried out its injustice and impunity—e.g., current homes of ex-torturers, buildings that were used as detention and torture centers, etc. During recent years, GAC has expanded its activism to single out other modes of injustice under democracy, such as the criminalization of social protests, the impunity of police officers in the state of security, the news media’s monopoly and the housing market. Their actions, which are local and anonymous, use different levels (performatic, graphic and textual) to interfere and subvert the discourses that authorize, legitimize and legalize injustice.
-Fernando Rosenberg

Escraches Plan Nacional de Desalojo Anti-monumento a Roca